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My website does not meet it’s goals?

Digdeeper can help you with getting more responses and sales from your website. This is among others methods achieved with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The goal of SEO is to rank higher in the free results of search engines. Sometimes a website does not rank well in the search engines due to poor technical performance. A slow loading website is an example of this. When ranking is affected negatively due to technical problems, technical SEO comes into play.

Another way to attract more visitors is SEA/PPC. Search Engine Advertising and Pay Per Click respectively. Both methods come down to the buying of visitors. Either from within search engines or from any website via e.g. a banner.

But what if visitors come to your website but do not what you expect them to do? At that moment CRO might be in order; Conversion Rate Optimization. A conversion is the achievement of a goal you set for the website. Like a purchase or a form submit. A CRO project can e.g. discover that there are bumps that make converting harder than it should be.

All aforementioned methods to achieve more online results have in common that they can be measured. Like this the spend for online marketing can be linked directly to achieved goals.

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