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I would like to have a better overview of how my website performs?

Performance of a website can be measured in many ways. The best known is Google Analytics. But if the speed of a website is very important, Google Analytics might not cut it. When you want to know how your website ranks in the search engines, again other tools are needed. All tools have one thing in common, they are meant to give you performance indicators or KPI.

An actual problem could be that most website owners use Google Analytics 3. That one will cease to function from mid 2023. It’s successor, Google Analytics 4, will not be the best solution for all. And if privacy / GDPR compliance is of utmost importance, alternatives exist that hero that aspect.

The most important question is whether your current indicators give you the overview you want? Or are you overloaded by all tables and graphics and is it hard to see the forest through the trees? Digdeeper can help you select the right tools to measure performance and build tailor made dashboards.

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