What is onboarding in HR?

Onboarding is the process where new employees (are helped to) get to grips at their new employer.

A common guideline for onboarding is designated as the 4 C’s. Compliance, Clarification, Culture and Connection. Know the rules, know what to do, know the culture and take care of connection. Personally I think the four C’s approach is a bit too employer centric.

Onboarding is more than that.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic, when you start at your new employer, that your laptop, phone, workspace, home workspace and maybe even business cards all have been taken care of? That your company e-mail functions just as your Windows logon credentials? That during the training period an existing employee is your designated buddy and that the buddy works when you work. Icing on the cake could be that you received a bouquet of flowers at home with the message that the employer is looking forward to having you. At that moment your home front is positively primed as well. These details should, in the current scarce labor market, be part of employer branding.

Companies know and use marketing automation more and more. Where they use automation to make leads into customers and keep the churn rate low. Likewise does Onboarding Automation exist.

What is Onboarding Automation?

Onboarding Automation standardizes and automates the experience of newly started employees.

After a quick search on the search engines, I find several solutions for Onboarding Automation. They differ greatly in their focus. Most seem to aim at automating the four C’s. While others focus more on the social aspect of starting somewhere anew.

Regardless whether you automate the onboarding or not. Spend sufficient attention to the onboarding process within your organisation. In time all employees will leave eventually, but you can lessen the chance that that happens soon. And maybe your employer satisfaction rating at Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook and Google Business profile will increase slowly.